About Us

Meet the Team at Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery

Dr. Khan and Dr. Lee’s office is staffed by dedicated, well-trained associates who pride themselves on providing exceptional continuity of care for you and your family in a safe, comfortable environment.

Our primary office focus is dentoalveolar surgery (wisdom teeth) and dental implant surgery (complex and simple) in combination with sedation and or general anesthesia.

Our primary hospital focus is facial reconstructive procedures such as jaw reconstruction for bite deformities and for obstructive sleep apnea, Otoplasty (ear reconstruction for protruding ears) Rhinoplasty (nose job) and various other facial reconstructive procedures.

Surgery assistants certified in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and trained in office anesthesia ensure the safe and successful performance of office-based oral surgery. Three highly trained surgical technicians assist Dr. Khan or Dr. Lee during surgery.

A designated coordinator is assigned to manage your reconstructive surgery case and will work with your orthodontist and other specialists to facilitate a team approach to your care.

This is also true for patients undergoing dental implant reconstruction. Our dental implant coordinator manages your case and coordinates your care with your dentist or prosthodontist.