Advanced Technology

As a leader in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery understands the importance of innovative, technology-driven solutions. These solutions have created a revolution in the standard, quality and comfort of patient care.

Dr. Lee leads in comprehensive dentoalveolar surgery and intravenous anesthesia procedures. Utilizing the latest breakthroughs, Dr. Lee uses new anesthetic medications to help with effective pain management for the extraction of wisdom teeth and oral surgery procedures.  He also offers his patients the innovative Cool Comfort Wrap™ to help aid recovery.

The technology-driven focus of the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery also affords Dr. Lee the best surgical tools available.  This includes the implementation of Cone Beam CT scanning as well as 3-D imaging with CAD-CAM Virtual Surgical Planning.  These solutions to dental implant reconstruction have redefined oral surgical success, and allow orthognathic surgery patients to see what they will look like before surgery is one.  We are the only practice in the region with this technology. 

CAD-CAM Virtual Surgical Planning coupled with 3-D imaging allows for a more precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for Dr. Lee’s patients.  A more accurate treatment plan leads to fewer complications, better aesthetic and greater overall success.

3-D imaging allows Dr. Lee to clearly visualize a patient’s dental problem to provide a more accurate diagnosis.  3-D imaging is safe and provides critical diagnostic information with minimal radiation exposure.

Cone Beam CT scanning has less radiation than standard 2-D panoramic x-rays used for evaluating wisdom teeth and treatment dental implant surgery. It also allows for the precise identification of nerves and vessels in the lower jaw and the position of the sinus in the upper jaw.

Dr. Lee has two fully equipped operating suites available with adjacent recovery rooms. The recovery rooms are staffed by nurses as well as surgical assistants to provide safety and assistance for patients and their chaperones.