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Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews.

Patient Review By Jordan C

Dr. Lee and is staff were great. I had very little discomfort and took no pain medication after having my wisdom teeth removed.

- Jordan C

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Patient Review By Suzanne S

I've been going to Dr. Lee for 20 years. He was highly recommended by not one, but two top doctors in the tristate. I have always had 100% satisfaction upon completion of any procedure preformed by Dr. Lee. The most recent procedure required extraction of two lower back teeth along with some bone grafting to prepare the gum area for eventual implants. Dr. Lee did an amazing job, as always. However this time i was provided a new cooling system (ice therapy) to reduce pain, bleeding and swelling. The name Cool Comfort Wrap, does exactly what the name states, it wraps around the jaw and provides continual flow of cool ice water. This was AMAZING, I basically kept it on 24/7 and I am sure this is why I was able to sleep so well. No more ice packs that do not contour to the individual jaw line, this new system you wrap onto the area with velcro straps, fill container with ice and water, plug it in. You immediately feel the relief only ice therapy provides. In the future I will insist on using this cool comfort wrap as part of my recovery for anything facial that requires icing, even if it means purchasing one. Thank you Dr. Lee!

- Suzanne S

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Patient Review By Kristine T

I am so very pleased with the care my son received at this practice. It exceeded my expectations. From the consultation to the follow-up appointment, every step in the process went smoothly. With the cool comfort wrap, my son's recovery time was minimal. There was no swelling or bruising and very little pain. Dr. Lee takes every precaution to minimize complications or infections. They provide precise instructions for home care which gave me piece of mind as I was caring form my son post-op. I highly recommend Dr. Lee.

- Kristine T

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Patient Review By Grace R

I would recommend Dr. Lee and staff. Dr. Lee has removed all three of our children's wisdom teeth. They all had great results! Thanks so much to Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff:)

- Grace R

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Patient Review By Chris D

Not something I looked forward to, but in hind sight, it wasn't all that bad. The Cool Comfort Wrap made a big difference in the recovery time. Thanks!

- Chris D

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Patient Review By Timothy B

Professional and courteous staff. Dr. Lee's expertise is exceptional and focused on making any situation within his caliper better. Dr. Lee does so by addressing the matter at hand and using the best option and care possible.

- Timothy B

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Patient Review By Merri F

Dr. Lee and his staff are AMAZING! I recently had my wisdom teeth removed by him and his team after years of putting it off due to fear! Dr. Lee and his team are extremely knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the process. I would definitely recommend his practice to anyone looking for an oral surgeon!

- Merri F

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Patient Review By Bruce D

I had a bone graft and also a dental implant with Dr. Lee. I would recommend him and his staff. The Cool Comfort Wrap was very helpful in my recovery.

- Bruce D

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Patient Review By John K

The nurse who helped me was amazing. Very nice, caring, and competent. Dr. Lee is a very good doctor, and I would return if I needed any other work done.

- John K

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Patient Review By John S

Can't say enough about Dr. Lee and his Staff. My now 12 son had trauma that unfortunately brought us together. Two different surgeries Dr. Lee is outstanding!! Professional, clearly explained options and procedure, scheduling with staff easy and the follow up afterwards with the same care and professionalism. Kudos!!!

- John S

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Patient Review By Kevin K

I really liked the nurses who took care of me and Dr. Lee was awesome!!!

- Kevin K

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Patient Review By Aaron C

I have been having pain in my wisdom teeth for years now. My dentist told me I needed to get them out and they could do them in office. I went to Dr. Lee for his recommendation and because of the complications, I felt more comfortable going to Dr. Lee. I have zero pain now and am very happy everything went well!

- Aaron C

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Patient Review By Wade B

Best all around experience that I've ever had at a doctors office. But the best part - Very little discomfort after returning home from having all four wisdom teeth removed. Only took one pain pill, but I'm not even sure I would have needed that - my Dad gave it to me before the numbing medication wore off. Dr. Lee also removed my Dad's wisdom teeth years ago and my Dad claims he played basketball that same evening. Dr. Lee removed my brother Will's wisdom teeth two weeks after he did mine and Will also had a great experience - not one Percocet was needed. All around 5-star experience!!!!

- Wade B

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Patient Review By Samuel G

Had a great and easy experience with getting my wisdom teeth taken out here. Quick service, great staff and a quick wait time made this an in-and-out trip that was not only convenient and easy, but also quickly and professionally done.

- Samuel G

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Patient Review By Dakota F

All of the nurses were very nice and helpful in helping me get ready for my procedure. The doctor was also great because he walked me through what would happen and it helped ease my nerves.

- Dakota F

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Patient Review By Anne S

Wonderful, it was very professional.

- Anne S

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Patient Review By Peggy K

I came into your office afraid and left with a smile. I am so impressed with how quickly you saw me, did the surgery and I healed. And I didn’t have any pain. Dr. Lee, Tracy and staff you are the BEST!

- Peggy K

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Patient Review By Faith S

Had a great experience!

- Faith S

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Patient Review By Teresa d

Very efficient and Dr. Lee and his staff make you feel comfortable and answer all you questions.

- Teresa d

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