Dr. Lee Completed Advanced Training with New Technology for TMJ Arthroscopic Surgery

Dr. Lee Completed Advanced Training with New Technology for TMJ Arthroscopic Surgery 

Encouraged by the technological advances made in arthroscopic surgery by noted TMJ surgeon Dr. Joseph McCain, Dr. Lee returned to Miami in early February to undergo advanced training.

Dr. McCain has recently introduced a remarkably repeatable and simplistic technique for arthroscopic surgery of the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint). In concert with Nexus-CMF arthroscopes have been redesigned and instrumentation simplified.

While the fall course was intense and included the use of fresh cadaveric specimens to practice on, the early February course offered advance training.

“You can never practice enough when new technology intersects new ways to use it. The learning curve gets steeper the more advanced surgeries are introduced using this less invasive technique to treat TMJ problems,” Dr. Lee said.

While arthroscopic surgery of larger joints such as knees and shoulders is widespread and common, arthroscopic surgery of smaller joints like the jaw joint is not as common.  It is divided into an upper compartment and a lower one.  It holds less than a teaspoon of fluid making it difficult to find and even more difficult to operate in. The McCain system increases visibility and his techniques for entering the joint and operating is more predictable and safer.

“Getting into this small joint which is situated close to the ear and surrounded by facial nerves that control the muscles of the face has always been the challenge.  Access is much improved with the McCain/ Nexus – CMS System.”  Dr. Lee added.  Advances in arthroscopic surgery of the TMJ offers a more conservative approach to treating many conditions that plaque patients like painful popping, clenching and locking of the jaw joint.

“With these newer techniques we will be able to offer some patients a procedure to clean and re-lubricate the joint, not to mention the possibility of structurally altering the internal joint anatomy to save patients from undergoing more invasive joint surgery,” Dr. Lee predicted.

Dr. Lee practices Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and with the Staff of the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery, focuses on the correction of Jaw deformities and bite problems through the use of orthognathic surgery and Dental Implants reconstruction.  A high percentage of patients with Jaw misalignment and bite problems have jaw joint issues as well.  Dr. Lee’s office is adjacent to Mersey Hospital – Anderson.  Mersey will be the first community hospital to offer arthroscopic surgery of the TMJ using the McCain./nexus – CMF System.