Four Ways Exparel, a Long-Lasting, Non-Opioid Pharmaceutical, Can Make Your Oral Surgery Recovery Easier

Four Ways Exparel, a Long-Lasting, Non-Opioid Pharmaceutical, Can Make Your Oral Surgery Recovery Easier

At the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery, our focus is your recovery. That is why we are proud to offer Exparel (bupivacaine), a long-lasting, non-opioid pharmaceutical, at our practice.

Exparel could ease your recovery from your upcoming oral surgery, and in fact, if you’ve been putting off oral surgery such as getting your wisdom teeth removed, you might finally feel ready after learning about this new drug. While you are asleep, Exparel is injected throughout the surgery site and provides local anesthesia that can last 24 hours and sometimes up to two days.

Here are some of the ways Exparel help you through your postoperative period:

1. There’s no need to worry that pain will set in before the pain pills begin to work. When you first arrive home from oral surgery, there’s no need to time that first dose of pain medication just right, so you don’t experience pain before the Novocaine wears off. Plus, when you’re recovering, you may be tired and need plenty of rest. You will not need to set the alarm clock to take pain medication. There is no risk of losing track of when you took your last pain reliever and when it’s time for the next one. For an extended period of time following your procedure, Exparel will do its work, so that you don’t even need to think about pain medication.

2. It limits your chances of getting hooked on opioids. Opioids receive a lot of attention for their potentially addictive nature. This can even be a concern for someone taking Vicodin or Percocet for just a few days. And, opioids can cause other unpleasant side effects like nausea, vomiting and constipation; some people simply do not tolerate these medications well. Many people simply wish to avoid narcotics if possible. Exparel can reduce the number of narcotic pills you or your family member need to take.

3. You can stay more alert during your recovery. On narcotic drugs, patients often feel sleepy, dizzy, and unfocused – not the best for your son or daughter who needs to get back to studying for school. Following surgery, you may wish to take it easy, but your busy life may still get in the way and make that hard. You may have children depending on you or you may need to drive. Exparel minimizes your post-operative pain and may make your discomfort amenable to over the counter pain medications.

4. You can trust a drug that doctors have long used. Exparel contains bupivacaine, which doctors have relied on for pain relief at surgical sites since the 1950s. Exparel is formulated differently than bupivicaine to work slowly over a much longer period of time. So have peace of mind knowing that scientific innovation has updated an already well-established option. Exparel itself is well-tested and has been widely used since 2012.

No one enjoys recovering from surgery, but we want to help you make it as smooth and painless as possible. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your individual situation and how Exparel, and our innovative Cool Comfort Wrap, can ease your pain in recovery. Call or email us for an appointment now.

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