Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery‘s Response to COVID-19

Now that we can re-open our practice, we look forward to seeing all of our patients and continuing to provide high quality oral surgery and implant care in a very safe environment.

Our patients’ safety and the safety all of our team members is our top priority. Because of our strong commitment to our patients’ safety and comfort, we have implemented preventive procedures that meet and exceed the CDC’s recommendations.

Please be patient and expect that there will be changes that you may not be used to. Here are some of the preventive procedures we have recently implemented:

  • Pre-appointment COVID-19 health screening call. We will call our patients and send an email or send a text message with a link to our COVID-19 Pre-appointment Health Screening Questionnaire. We fully realize that this may be an added inconvenience. However it is a CDC requirement for all medical and dental visits. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • “Check in” when you arrive. Patients will “check in” by calling the front desk form their car. If this is not practical, patients can wait in the reception area, being sure to social distance.
  • Only the patient will be permitted to enter the office. For the same reason noted above, we ask that the driver drop-off and pick-up the patient. We ask that the person picking the patient up wait in or near their car for a call from the patient or our office. We will make every attempt to make the wait minimal.
  • Patients’ temperature will be taken at the front desk after entering the office and Hand sanitizer will be provided. Please use hand sanitizer after entering the office.
  • Personal items. Please leave large purses and briefcases at home if possible.
  • Paying for the visit. If patients have not prepaid for their visit or have a monthly payment arrangement, payment can be made in the office with the help of hand sanitizers before and after the payment.
  • Room disinfection. All rooms will be thoroughly disinfected with strong antiviral and antibacterial agents before and after patient visits. All surfaces will be sprayed and wiped.
  • Personal protective equipment. All team members will wear masks and any other personal protective equipment required and this will depend on their position. For example, the team members at the front office only need to wear masks, but the clinical staff will wear masks, gloves, eye protection, face shields, head covers, shoe covers and gowns.
  • Containing aerosols. Many dental procedures produce aerosols which can spread oral bacteria and viruses into the air. In order to prevent this, we have purchased state-of-the-art equipment that will suction away the aerosol before it can be released into the air.


If you have a dental emergency, have a question about any treatment we have recommended or about a procedure that has been completed, please call us at Cincinnati Jaw Surgery at Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery Phone Number 513-232-8989