Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of dental implants, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to dental implants are discussed.

Dental Implants Presentation

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution. Dental implants are biocompatible fixtures that are surgically implanted into a patient’s jawbone and then completed with either a porcelain crown or a dental prosthesis. Times have changed and dental implants now offer a more permanent and natural solution for those missing one or more teeth.

Jawbone Loss and Premature Aging

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that realistically simulates tooth roots, prevents bone loss and keeps your facial structure intact. The jawbone’s main purpose is to nourish your teeth, so without teeth to “feed”, the jawbone begins to deteriorate, causing the face to sag and adding to the appearance of premature aging. Because dental implants actually mimic the natural tooth root structure, they help keep both the jawbone and facial soft tissue in place.

Dental Implants for Health

Dental implants not only improve self-esteem because of their natural appearance and prevention of premature aging of the face, they are also healthier for the neighboring teeth. In the process of replacing a lost tooth, the adjacent teeth do not need to be weakened by the placement of a bridge or partial denture.  In most cases, anyone healthy enough to undergo a tooth extraction or routine oral surgery is a viable candidate for dental implants.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are incredibly durable and have a success rate of more than 94% – they can last a lifetime! Additionally, you care for them just as you do regular teeth, making them a great tooth replacement option.

How much do dental implants cost?

It is true that the upfront cost of dental implants is typically more than that of a crown or bridge. These traditional methods require regular replacement every so often – dental implants do not. Implants also protect the health of your surrounding teeth. They can support and stabilize dental partials and dentures, and they enhance the aesthetics of your face. All of these advantages help to close the cost gap and make dental implants a better choice for most people.

Don’t let the effects of tooth loss dictate how you live your life. At the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery, Dr. Michael Lee and his staff are equipped to provide dental implants to their Cincinnati patients, and they take pride in helping each patient live to the fullest and get the smile they deserve. Please call our team today at Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery Phone Number 513-232-8989!

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Patient Review By Jerry N

Dr. Khan and his staff were outstanding. Everyone was efficient, helpful, and friendly. Follow-ups to see how the patient is doing. Going the extra yard to have the very latest health information. I was completely satisfied and highly recommend Dr. Khan to everyone.

- Jerry N

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Overall very pleased

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I've had plenty of dental work over the years and yet I still get nervous with any procedure other than a cleaning. I was at ease with Dr. Lee and the staff and had total confidence that everything would go well. And it did. 🙂

- Beth R

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