Patient Review By Suzanne S

I've been going to Dr. Lee for 20 years. He was highly recommended by not one, but two top doctors in the tristate. I have always had 100% satisfaction upon completion of any procedure preformed by Dr. Lee. The most recent procedure required extraction of two lower back teeth along with some bone grafting to prepare the gum area for eventual implants. Dr. Lee did an amazing job, as always. However this time i was provided a new cooling system (ice therapy) to reduce pain, bleeding and swelling. The name Cool Comfort Wrap, does exactly what the name states, it wraps around the jaw and provides continual flow of cool ice water. This was AMAZING, I basically kept it on 24/7 and I am sure this is why I was able to sleep so well. No more ice packs that do not contour to the individual jaw line, this new system you wrap onto the area with velcro straps, fill container with ice and water, plug it in. You immediately feel the relief only ice therapy provides. In the future I will insist on using this cool comfort wrap as part of my recovery for anything facial that requires icing, even if it means purchasing one. Thank you Dr. Lee!

- Suzanne S

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